RoboPiT was established in 2014 by Andrea Pititto, who made his first steps in the field in 2003. Since 2014 the company has enjoyed a steady development and stream of success.  

Today, RoboPiT Srl has a global presence in order to be able to meet the increased demands placed on modern production technology and respond quickly to client needs.

Expertise. Innovation. Diversity. These are the words that describe who we are, our competencies and values. 

As far as diversity is one of our company’s stated core values, we strive to maintain a diverse workforce representative and have a multi-cultural environment. Diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of RoboPiT, contributing to our business success.

 Our company acts with integrity, supports young talents, has a meritocratic philosophy, and promotes the highest standards of compliance across our global operations and value chain.

Our CSR/ Sustainability reflects in how we choose our partners, how we treat our employees and value individual and cultural differences.